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Posted: July 16th, 2021

In the teacher wellbeing module of this course, you will learn about different strategies that can be used and implemented to promote and enhance teacher wellbeing. Your task for this assignment is to identify a number of potential stressors in your own life now, as a pre-service teacher and when you enter the teaching profession. You will identify relevant strategies to help you develop and maintain work/life balance. You will demonstrate your understanding of the purpose of these strategies and how they can be used in real life situations. You will also be asked to do some further reading in this area to deepen your understanding of teacher wellbeing. You will need to research to find potential areas for professional learning (related to wellbeing) that you would like to undertake in the future.

Create and interactive resource (e.g. website, blog etc.) and detail 5 strategies ensuring that you cover the dot points below for each one:

Potential stressor (could be from now, as a preservice teacher or when you enter the teaching profession)
– –*Identify the area/habit in your life that causes you stress

Title and Outline of the strategy with a description of how you will benefit from the use of the strategy in your real life. Use references to support your ideas.
For one strategy only – Identify a source of professional learning that you would like to undertake in the future to assist in the area you have identified. (you only need to include a professional learning source for one stressor/strategy)
1000 words (10% allowance); Be creative! Use graphics, colours, videos, gifs etc.
You can present your resource using these sub-headings:
Personal stressor #1-5:
Title and outline of strategy:
Benefit in real life:
Professional learning:
Source of professional learning:

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