Domestic Business Plan Outline

Posted: September 6th, 2021

Final Portfolio Choice with Outline and four to six References due on Sunday. You have a choice between the two Portfolio Projects. Go to the Module 8 Portfolio Project and read both options. Choose one, do not do both projects. You may want to view the Portfolio Project grading rubric, which can also be accessed from the Module 8 module.

What you need to submit:

Your final portfolio choice, Which is Option 1
With your choice, you will have all the tentative business proposal components. Then you will create an outline of the required material …“i.e., for the executive summary, business entity selection, legal steps for starting the business, written agreement, contract, conflict resolution strategy, and business termination plan.”
Four to six references cited
Remember, you are submitting an outline this week; therefore, you must include the topic with two to three bullet points under each required section.

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