Posted: September 9th, 2021

Keller (2014) states “we must love our neighbor, but Christianity gives us very specific teachings about human nature and what makes human beings flourish. We must make sure that our work is done in line with these understandings. Faithful work, then, is to operate out of a Christian Worldview” (p. 21).
The different Christian traditions “give somewhat different answers of how we should go about the task of recapturing vocation. The streams are often confusing to Christians, for they are not perfectly complementary to one another” (Keller, 2014, p.21).
We are going to reflect on some of these sentiments that Keller introduces in Every Good Endeavor.
In your reflection, you will be asked to read a peer reviewed article related to the topic. Then you will reflect on the prompt for module 4: week 4. You will then complete this by writing a 275-word reflection incorporating an additional source (beyond those provided). Have to use 1 peer reviewed article to support reflection.

For Module 4: Week 4, you will reflect on the following prompt.
“The way to serve God at work is to further social justice in the world.”

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