Making of Commercials

Posted: July 16th, 2021


In a competitive market, brands must grab their consumers’ attention through advertisements. Consumer expectations from different brands play a vital role in how the brands advertise. Creativity is crucial in marketing and advertisement since a creative advertisement is more memorable and makes a longer-lasting impression (Rosengren et Al.) Different media platforms also have unique characteristics; for instance, since television allows quality audio and visual content, it is most favorable for products that necessitate physical demonstration.

When making commercials, marketers intend to spark a connection between their brands and the consumers. Successful brands that make effective commercials show a clear understanding of their target market and address them effectively. For a commercial to be most effective, it must represent the brand through its logo, brand name, and slogan. Effective advertisements often create a story, either a heart touching story, humor, or satire to which the audience can relate. Commercial’s role is to make the audience imagine a better life with the product; as such, it has to make a compelling statement to make potential consumers adopt it (Sama, 2019). Commercials must also deliver their message within the shortest time possible before losing the audience attention; therefore, it has to be short and straightforward. 

Marketers that intend to make great advertisements have to ensure that the commercials possess originality, have clear elaboration, and an artistic aspect. An original commercial illustrates unique elements that are surprising and not common. Advertisements must also have precise elaborations with unexpected details (Sama. 2019). An advertisement should not be ambiguous such that it leaves the audience with more questions than answers. Finally, commercials with a high level of artistic value often contain verbal, visual, and sound appealing elements. They make high-quality production with memorable music, an original color pallet, and clever dialogue.  

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