Meeting Needs Head On

Posted: July 15th, 2021

Graded Assignment
Meeting Needs Head On
Answer the questions. When you are finished, submit this test to your teacher by the due date for full credit.
(50 points)
After you have completed your research and examined first-hand accounts of people who lived through the Great Depression, write a detailed summary of your findings, highlighting at least three examples. Include information on these topics:
The impact that the Great Depression had on the people you studied. For example: What actions did the people take to survive, cope with poverty, pay bills, remain in their homes or on their farms, etc.?
The purposes or goals of the New Deal programs you researched. For example: Was the program geared at providing relief, recovery, or reform? What actions were taken to accomplish its goal? What segments of society did it affect?
The effect of the New Deal program on the lives of the people you studied. For example: Did the program help people and/or businesses? How long did it take for people to experience relief? Did the program have a lasting effect?



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