Political Slogans

Posted: July 16th, 2021

Write a short essay on Political Slogans. It’s election season, so there are new (and familiar) candidates vying for office. Select three or four campaign slogans to analyze in depth:

Are they making some kind of argument? (issue, conclusion, reasons?)

Are any of the words ambiguous?

Take your time and think these through. Sometimes the shorter the communication, the more there is to say about it, because there is more that the audience has to bring to it to understand it. And that introduces complications because we are all bringing different understandings to any conversation.

Grading note: Your content score on this one will be higher the more you do your own analysis as opposed to just researching and reporting what others are saying.

Resource: Presidential Candidates, 2020 (Ballotpedia)

Your essay should demonstrate proper organization as well as APA formatting:

Include an informative title, introductory paragraph with thesis statement, body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph.

For a review of APA style, see the resources provided in the first module as well as the APA paper template in the USU Learner Support tab in the course content menu (hint: download a copy of this template and replace its content with your own).

You should have received learning-oriented feedback from your first and second essay. Be sure to read the feedback and incorporate what you learn from it in this paper. Keep in mind that this is your last chance for feedback on composition and citation before the major papers at the end of the course.

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