Week 3 Discussion Forum

Posted: September 6th, 2021

First, explore GMC Library for articles or reviews about any one of the stories assigned in week 3 (remember, the step-by-step instructions for literature at the GMC Library were provided earlier in week 1). Then, answer the following questions in a unified response.

What did you learn from reading your chosen secondary source? What information or insight was most memorable?
What might be the value in reading about others’ views of an author and their work? Why do you think educators require students to include professional research?
Think about Response Paper 2, which involves analyzing a theme in one of these stories. If you were to quote or paraphrase any of this material from your secondary source within your paper, what would it be and why?
Remember: All textual references (quotes, paraphrases) should be cited in MLA format (in-text citations and Works Cited).

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